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Journalism Training

Introduction to Media Law



Here is the course outline:

Module 1 - Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech

Do you know why freedom of expression matters? Do you know what hate speech is? By the end of this module you should have a solid grasp of these concepts.

Module 2 - PAIA and POPI

A guide to using access to information legislation in your work and a note on managing users’ personal information.

Module 3 - Defamation

What defamation is and how to avoid it.

Module 4 - Rights and Responsibilities on Assignment

In this module we cover a fair bit of ground: a reporter’s responsibilities while on assignment, access to court proceedings, contempt of court and covering elections.

Module 5 - Protection of Sources

The tension between the requirements of ethics and the law when it comes to the protection of sources is the main focus of this module.

Module 6 - Media Bodies and Chapter 9 Institutions

You’re bound to know about the Public Protector but do you know of the other Chapter 9 institutions? Take a quick tour of these institutions and media bodies like the BCCSA and the Press Council.

Module 7 - Media-related Legislation

A closer look at the Films and Publications Act and the Protection of State Information Bill.

Module 8 - Copyright

“What is copyright?” and “What is fair dealing?” are the key questions we answer in this module.

Module 9 - Final Quiz

Test your knowledge.

Module 10 - Assignment

Everything worth knowing about your assignment.

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